goSaya is a research based company

We test and develop cutting edge theories and technologies.

we help creating chatbots

By developing libraries, frameworks and even bots for those who reach to us.

and we believe in sharing knowledge!

You can checkout our blog and github account to see our code and our reasoning.



Chatbots are the future of the web, a successor to apps and websites before them.

According to Anindya Datta, founder of Mobilewalla, 80 to 90 percent of installed apps are used once and then abandoned. Think of all the wasted resources put together for an app that is going to run once and then live the rest of its life on an app screen’s shelf. Developing an application takes time and resources, from graphic designers to front and backend programmers, from UX designers to Marketing experts spend hundreds of hour on single apps only to be used once by the user. But this isn’t just mobile apps, the same thing happens to websites.

Chatbots are different. Chatbots are created in the space users are already used to, you don’t have to get your user to download and install your app, your chatbot is only a click away from them in their favorite messenger, email or even SMS.

Developing your chatbot next year is too late, you should start now or you won’t catch up with the flow.

Too busy to do so? Send us a message and we will do it for you!


An upcoming visual framework for developing chatbots.


needjs, a dependency manager for nodejs functions.

More are coming

We are always working on more stuff to help developing chatbots easier!